96" Decorative Security/Traffic Barrier


Decorative concrete barriers offer a stylish variety of uses. While they are commonly used as a way to direct traffic, they also provide an element of safety for pedestrians. If you have a roadway or parking lot that needs to be blocked off for an extended period of time, a decorative concrete barrier can help the property maintain its beauty. 

When you select a decorative concrete barrier from Bohlmann Quality Products, you can also select a concrete stain that will best fit the color pallet of the environment it will be serving. You have the option to help your decorative barrier stand out or blend with our Sherwin-Williams color guide. Our wide selection has color ranges from dark to light so your barriers will fit in flawlessly with the property. 

Don’t settle for cheap plastic barriers that will crack and become an unsightly eye sore. Contact Bohlmann Quality Products. We offer a great selection of different concrete barriers and other products that will keep your property values high. Call us today to place an order!


Note: Precast concrete products are also known as cement or stone depending on the region's dialect.

Item # Dimensions Weight
B96 96"L x 24"W x 36"H 3300 lbs.

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  • Plain Grey Concrete

    Plain Grey Concrete

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