Looking For Military Site Furnishings?

Yellow concrete barrier from BohlmannSite Furnishings for the Military

Bohlmann proudly supplies concrete site furnishings to military branches. At Bohlmann, we understand that these products need to not only be efficient but durable. They also need to look clean and professional Our products are low maintenance. At the end of the day, they get the job done. If your military base is looking for quality products that will last- Bohlmann is your top choice for military site furnishings. If you have any questions about the products we have in stock, give us a call and one of our experienced team members will be happy to help you.

Popular Military Barriers

One of the top products that we sell to military forces is our concrete barrier because of its versatility in training exercises, directing traffic, decorative capabilities, and protective layer in front of government buildings. We offer an exceptional line of concrete barriers and planters with forklift knockouts for use in creating protective perimeters while not skimping on style or professionalism. 

One of the most popular military barriers is the Jersey barrier. The Jersey barrier is created for easy mobility. It’s reinforced with a welded steel rebar cage for added strength. This can be used to surround base camps to protect soldiers, or they can be used to divide roads and surround parking lots. To get more information about the various barriers we have in stock at Bohlman, give us a call. 

Why Choose Bohlmann?

Our experience sets us apart from our competitors. Bohlmann has grown over time with more than 100 dealers and distributors and a reputation for excellence that extends nationwide. Our commitment to meeting customer needs will continue to be our guiding principles into the next half-century. We offer top concrete site furnishings and accessories that can’t be beaten. We can help you come up with any landscape solution for your site. Give us a call to learn more! You can also fill out our online form and we will be in touch.