Do You Need School Site Furnishings?

Site Furnishings for SchoolsBohlmann concrete planters and benches outside of Carroll High School

Whether it’s bike racks or school benches, Bohlmann has you covered this school year. We manufacture top of the line site furnishings for any school setting. We understand the need for products that will not only withstand the weather but the school year too. Our products are not visually appealing and made to last for years to come. We pride ourselves on innovative designs and quality workmanship. When you work with Bohlmann, we guarantee satisfaction. 

Popular Concrete Products for Schools

We have many concrete products that are popular among schools. That is because our products are virtually maintenance-free and won’t tarnish under any type of distress. From drinking fountains to playground benches, we have everything you could ever want. We have a wide variety of drinking fountains for any setting with different sizes and colors to satisfy everyone's needs, such as freeze-resistant, pedestal mount, and wall mount drinking fountains. Another great product that is gaining popularity among schools is security planters. Security planters not only are decorative but they are great for adding security to the building. Unaware drivers and vehicle threats are always a concern for schools- so adding things like security planters to areas where you are more vulnerable is a great way to be cautious and prevent unwanted accidents.

Why Choose Bohlmann?

Bohlmann is leading the industry in concrete furnishings. We provide solutions to customers that not only meet their everyday needs but will withstand the test of time. Make your school shopping effortless by shopping with us. Go ahead and check out all our concrete furnishings under our products tab. There are countless items that would be profitable for your school. If you have any questions, give us a call today!