Bohlmann's Product Information

Aesthetic Value
All of our products are available in a wide variety of aggregate textures and colors that will enhance indoor or outdoor landscapes while offering a finishing touch on your project. Each piece of our Metal Site Furnishings is handcrafted, using high-quality steel. The product is then cleaned, treated, and powder coated, using the finest powder coating materials available. The rugged steel reinforced construction makes them an ideal solution for outdoor use. Yet the gentle beauty, enhanced by a variety of color and texture options, offers versatility that will add aesthetic value to property-indoors or out.

All of our precast concrete products are steel-reinforced and built to meet or exceed any industry standard for strength and durability. Bohlmann precast site furnishings offer maximum durability and minimum maintenance. This makes our precast site furnishings the ideal solution for businesses, government agencies or individuals. Feel free to call us about other strength/stress tests, or our on-going quality control testing. 

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