Service Area

Bohlmann Sells Concrete Site Furnishings Across the U.S.

At Bohlmann, we believe in providing you with the best products, no matter where you live. Though we are located in Iowa, our clients range across the United States, from North Carolina to Utah. Our online store makes it easy for us to reach a number of people, and shipping is easy with our qualified customer service team. Check out the pictures of our installed products in the map below, or you can give us a call today to learn more about the full list of services we offer to businesses and homes across the country. Remember, when you choose Bohlmann, you choose quality. 

Here are some of the areas in the USA we have served.

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Some of the States, Companies, Countries, and Businesses We've Served

Foundation Analytical Lab - Mailboxes
Bella Sera - Mailboxes
Stanhope Public Library - Concrete Benches
NewAldaya Lifescapes - Concrete Security Planters
Two Good Park - Concrete Pillar Caps, Round Trash Cans, Steel Benches
Boyer Valley Middle/High School - Concrete Benches & Concrete Planters
Lampe Funeral & Cremation Services - Concrete Benches

Equine Veterinary Associates - Concrete Waterers
Columbus High School - Concrete Planters

Plastic Omnium/Inergy Automotive - Concrete Barriers
Seed & Farm Supply
Warren Farms - Concrete Benches

South Dakota
Hardware Hank - Bohlmann Waterer
Sioux Falls VA Medical Center - Trash/Recycling Cans, Concrete Security Planters
Dakota Sales and Rental - Bohlmann Waterer

Erie High School - Concrete Planters
Mary Queen of Angels Catholic - Concrete Picnic Tables

Elanco - Concrete Planters
Rolls-Royce Plant 8 - Concrete Planters
Clay Township Offices - Concrete Signs
Arlington Cemetery - Concrete Signs

Schmidt Buildings & Equipment LLC - Bohlmann Dairy Waterer

Meeker County Jail - Concrete Security Planters

Angel Island - Stone Drinking Fountains
Green Space Los Feliz - Concrete Tables
San Diego Convention Center - Concrete Barriers

Klamath Falls CBOC - Concrete Planters

Colorado State University-Pueblo - Concrete Tables and Planters

AllianceRx Walgreens Prime - Concrete Tables

Morgan County Courthouse - Concrete Planters

Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Concrete Barriers
Montessori Preparatory School - Stone Drinking Fountains
SpaceX Launch and Landing Control Center - Concrete Security Planters
Coalition for the Homeless - Concrete Tables and Benches
Mainlands Park - Stone Drinking Fountains

North Carolina
Tolson Youth Center - Stone Fountains

Federal Emergency Management Agency - Concrete Planters

New Jersey
Palermo's Cafe & Bakery - Concrete Planters

New York
Nassau Police Department - Concrete Security Planters
Huntington Senior Citizens - Concrete Tables

Ambridge Area Senior High School - Concrete Bollards

Cecil County Central Landfill - Concrete Security Planters

United Kingdom
GSK - Concrete Planters