BP6-9 - 6" x 9" Bench/Table Plaque


For Models: BB-58 BB-48-GC BB-72-GC RPT-42 RPT-42-H OPT-40 OPT-40-H PT-38 PT-58 PT-68

Introducing the 6" x 9" Bench/Table Plaque - refined and customizable touch to your outdoor seating or table areas. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this petite plaque is designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of benches or tables while providing an opportunity for personalization. Whether used to commemorate special occasions, honor individuals, or simply add a touch of a distinction to your outdoor furniture, the 6" x 9" Bench/Table Plaque combines elegance with functionality. Elevate your outdoor spaces with this personalized acccent, creating a lasting impression for all who enjoy the comfort of your benches or tables. Add this plaque to your quote down below today. Give our team a call with any questions/concerns that you may have.

Item # Dimensions Weight
BP6-9 6" x 9"