DFBF-36FR Freeze Resistant ADA Drinking Fountain



Are you looking to place a water fountain that is going to be exposed to extremely cold temperatures? The freeze resistant ada accessible drinking fountain is perfect for parks, hiking trails, outdoor arenas, or anywhere else that is exposed to a long harsh winter. When you shop with Bohlmann you are not only getting a functioning outdoor drinking fountain but also hardware that is designed to withstand the extreme arctic-like temperatures. 

Bohlmann Quality Products is proud to offer this ADA-accessible drinking fountain in four types of stone; tan river rock, grey limestone, red quartzite, and brown haydite. These aggregates are built to last outside which is why they are perfect for freeze-resistant efforts. We also offer special attachments for this model if you would like a self-closing drinking fountain or one that can fill large water jugs, just select any extras you need when adding to your quote.

If you have questions about this freeze-resistant drinking fountain or need guidance for installation, make sure you contact our associates today. We can gladly walk you through any troubleshooting and make sure you get everything you need the first time you order. 

Note: Precast concrete products are also known as cement or stone depending on the region's dialect.

Item # Dimensions Weight
DFBF36FR 13"W x 30"D x 36"H 245 lbs.

Select Aggregate

  • Tan River Rock

    Tan River Rock

  • Grey Limestone

    Grey Limestone

  • Red Quartzite

    Red Quartzite

  • Brown Haydite

    Brown Haydite


Check All Extras Needed

  • SF-DF Jug Filler for Drinking Fountains
  • SCF - Self Closing Faucet for Drinking Fountains