DFWM-12FR Wall Mount Freeze Resistant Drinking Fountain


Freeze resistant wall mount drinking fountains are an excellent solution for outdoor water fountains that will be subjected to harsh winters. Bohlmann Quality Products are built to last. The concrete products used in the fountain’s construction are designed to withstand negative temperatures so water is less likely to freeze and break the interworkings. 

Broken water lines can be difficult to repair, especially in the middle of winter. Depending on the location of your drinking fountain, it is not always easy to send someone to shut the water off. With the freeze resistance wall mount drinking fountain, you can save yourself time, money, and keep your waterlines running longer into the cold season.

We understand that the decision to install a drinking fountain may not have been a top priority when your structure was first built. That is why we offer a concise installation manual and a variety of lightweight aggregates to choose from. We offer this model in tan river rock, grey limestone, red quartzite, and brown haydite so you can match your selection with the outdoor elements that best fit the space. 

Outdoor drinking fountains are a great addition to schools, parks, and any recreational areas. Wall mounted drinking fountains are especially helpful if there is already a structure in place with waterlines. Customers often place this product near restrooms as they provide simple access to clean waterlines and are unchallenging for people to find when looking to hydrate. 

To learn more about installation and color options, contact Bohlmann Quality Products today. We can help you determine which drinking fountain will work best for your outdoor area. Though we are located in the heart of Iowa, our shipping team is able to send our products to customers all across the nation. No matter where you are, when you need new freeze resistant drinking fountains for your property, you can count on us! Call us today to place your order.

Note: Precast concrete products are also known as cement or stone depending on the region's dialect.

Item # Dimensions Weight
DFWM12FR 13"W x 12"D x 10"H 65 lbs.

Select Aggregate

  • Tan River Rock

    Tan River Rock

  • Grey Limestone

    Grey Limestone

  • Red Quartzite

    Red Quartzite

  • Brown Haydite

    Brown Haydite