DFWM-19 Wall Mount ADA Drinking Fountain



Wall mount ADA drinking fountains are an excellent option for public spaces looking to expand hydration access to visitors with disabilities. When installed properly, this fountain is easily accessible to wheelchair users. With a number of aggregates to choose from, your new fountain can easily match the look and feel of any pre-existing building design.  

At Bohlmann’s, we offer quality concrete products that can withstand harsh weather and heavy daily use. All of our stone aggregate fountains are built to last. Unlike other drinking fountains that may be constructed from inferior materials, Bohlmann’s quality products are less likely to rust so you don’t have to make replacements and repairs as often. 

Contact Bohlmann’s quality products today to learn more about our wall mount AD drinking fountains and more. We can not only help make your outdoor spaces functional but stylish as well to keep up with changing trends. 


Note: Precast concrete products are also known as cement or stone depending on the region's dialect.

Item # Dimensions Weight
DFWM19 13"W x 19"D x 10"H 65 lbs.

Select Aggregate

  • Tan River Rock

    Tan River Rock

  • Grey Limestone

    Grey Limestone

  • Red Quartzite

    Red Quartzite

  • Brown Haydite

    Brown Haydite