MBPCRD - Dual Mailbox with Planter


Upgrade your curb appeal with our Concrete Dual Mailbox Planter Combo with Rural Heads. This stylish and functional mailbox combo not only provides a secure place for your mail, but also adds a touch of greenery to your front yard. Plus, with the option to add a newspaper holder, you'll never miss a delivery again. Our durable concrete construction ensures that this combo will withstand the test of time and weather. Choose from our selection of models, with or without newspaper holders, to find the perfect fit for your home. Add this mailbox to your quote below and continue shopping with ease. 

Note: Precast concrete products are also known as cement or stone depending on the region's dialect.

Item # Dimensions Weight
MBPCRD 340 lbs.

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  • Tan River Rock

    Tan River Rock

  • Grey Limestone

    Grey Limestone

  • Red Quartzite

    Red Quartzite

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